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LED Materials and Devices

Section edited by Ching-Chern Sun

  1. A thin optical reflector is often introduced to the backside of the standard mesa type light emitting diode (LED) chip with the aim to enhance its light output. However, most of the reported light output enhan...

    Authors: Gunwoo Kim, Yu-Chou Shih, Jiun-Pyng You and Frank G. Shi
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:11
  2. ZrO2 light diffuser layers was placed on phosphor-in-glass composites (PiGs) to improve color uniformity of white-light-emitting diodes (white LEDs). Color coordinates of central part and periphery of white LEDs ...

    Authors: Seungryeol Yi, Woon Jin Chung and Jong Heo
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2015 2:8
  3. In this paper, we start from the study on the packaging efficiency of the phosphor-converted white LED via a new way to measure and calculate the blue light from the blue die to the encapsulation lens. Then we...

    Authors: Ching-Cherng Sun, Yu-Yu Chang, Tsung-Hsun Yang, Te-Yuan Chung, Cheng-Chien Chen, Tsung-Xian Lee, Dun-Ru Li, Chun-Yan Lu, Zi-Yan Ting, BenoƮt Glorieux, Yi-Chun Chen, Kun-Yu Lai and Cheng-Yi Liu
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2014 1:19
  4. A low-cost and high performance Ag-coated Cu flakes filled epoxy was prepared as electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) for light emitting diode (LED) packaging. As-prepared ECAs consisted of bisphenol-F-epo...

    Authors: Hu-Ming Ren, Kai Zhang, Yuen MF Matthew, Xian-Zhu Fu, Rong Sun and Ching-Ping Wong
    Citation: Journal of Solid State Lighting 2014 1:10