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14th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting
This thematic series follows the 14th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting, covering all aspects of fundamental and applied SSL research, including but not limited to; SSL technologies, SSL design and applications, and SSL science.
Edited by: Prof Georges ZISSIS, Dr Alessio Corazza, Robin Devonshire
Collection published: 7 May 2015


Thermal management of solid state lighting devices and systems
Edited by: Prof Mehmet Arik, Prof Xiaobing Luo, Prof Samuel Graham
Collection published: 23 May 2014

Down conversion materials
Down Conversion Materials provide an unprecedented opportunity to design a wide gamut of tailored spectra for solid state light sources. The mixture of various down conversion materials on a single excitation source enable miniaturized devices with simple electrical driver and control circuits compared to complex architecture multi-color direct emission LED chips. Therefore, these light sources provide the most economical solution for solid state lighting. More importantly, these single chip tailored spectrum light sources are anticipated to open up a variety of new applications beyond the simple illumination paradigm.
Edited by: Ru-Shi Liu, Prof Partha Dutta, Dr Franz Wenzl
Collection published: 23 April 2014