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Table 2 Virtual presentations

From: Towards perceptual accuracy in 3D visualizations of illuminated indoor environments

Presentation Experiment N observers Model Renderer TMO Display View
A 1 25 Orig Ind Rein Ph42 Static
B      iCAM   
C     LT Rein   
D      iCAM   
E 2 24 Orig Ind Rein Ph42 Static
F      Rein 3D  
G      Rein HB  
H      Lin HB  
I 3* 16 Orig Ind Rein Ph42 Static
J 4 17 Orig Ind Rein NEC46 Static
K Photo - -
L 5 12 Update Ind Rein NEC46 Static
M 6 24** Update Ind Rein2 Laptop Static
N        Pano
O       NEC46 Static
P        Pano
Q       Proj Static
R        Pano
S 7 19 Update Ind Rein2 NEC46 Static
T V-Ray V-Ray Rein2 NEC46 Static
  1. Each row represents a different virtual presentation (letter codes), each of which is a combination of 3D visualization pipeline components including model, renderer, TMO, display, and view. Also noted are the experimental groupings and number of observers for each presentation
  2. *Experiment 3 also included within-subject assessment of the real-world environment
  3. **24 total observers, but with balanced incomplete block design, each of 6 presentations was viewed by 16 observers